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Your Book's PR and Your Website

Self-published authors need to consider a comprehensive approach to

planning their book publicity campaigns, as they would if they were

working with a traditional publisher. If you've been looking into how

to market a book, consider the support other books in the same genre

receive, and be mindful of the competitive landscape. Also, today,

having a well-designed author's website is no longer optional; it is

essential. Therefore, launch your site well before the book is

released. Your website is a compelling personal and book PR tool,

providing the information readers seek.

When planning the content for your author's website, it's essential to

start with an "About the Author" page, which should be tailored to

appeal to your target audience, the media, and potential reviewers. It

should strike a balance between personal and professional information,

making it relatable while maintaining a sense of professionalism. Your

web pages need to be comprehensive, ideally containing visual material

to complement the text. It is generally believed that search engines

favor pages with at least 500 words, and using bullet points and

subheadings can enhance the overall presentation.

The home page of your website is where most visitors will land, so

making a solid first impression is crucial. Search engines also

closely review this page, making it essential to include relevant

keywords and user-friendly imagery. If you are self-publishing your

work, it is wise to feature a professionally designed book cover on

your website's home page. Additionally, include links to where your

book is available for purchase, whether in physical copy, eBook, or

audiobook format. Just as hiring a professional book cover designer is

essential, the same goes for a web designer.

It is also essential to have a well-designed website that aligns with

your image and genre. While free website platforms are available, many

display low-quality ads that can reflect poorly on you. Investing in a

custom site will pay off in the long run. If your first book is

successful, your website will continue to serve you well if you decide

to write more books. It is a good idea to check out the websites of

competing authors for inspiration without directly copying them.

Taking the time to plan and design your author's site carefully is a

crucial aspect of promoting your work in today's publishing landscape.


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